Women charged in Western Place robbery to be indicted tomorrow

Abbey Brown

Two former students and two other women are scheduled to go before the Warren County Grand Jury tomorrow regarding an armed robbery at Western Place Apartments in November.

Nicole Hite and Ashley Moore, both former Louisville freshmen, along with Tiffany Abernathy and Sallie Palmer, have each been held in the Warren County Regional Jail since their arrests on a $100,000 cash bond.

The four women are each charged with first degree robbery and unlawful possession of a weapon.

The four were arrested in Poland Hall Nov. 18, less than two hours after they held three students at gunpoint in a Western Place apartment, according to the Bowling Green Police Department.

Bardstown junior Justin Hamilton and Bardstown sophomore Nicole Thompson were sitting on the couch of Hamilton’s apartment when Hite and Moore knocked on the door. They asked to see Hamilton’s roommate, Hopkinsville freshman Chris Higgins.

Hamilton told the Herald last semester that after the two women entered Higgins’ room, Hamilton locked the front door. But in less than 10 minutes, one of the two unlocked the door and walked out of Higgins’ room talking on her cell phone.

He said a woman then walked into the apartment holding duct tape and a stun gun. Hamilton asked what was going on, but the intruder said nothing. Another woman walked in with a shotgun, Hamilton said.

The two women were later identified as Abernathy and Palmer.

The two women taped the couple’s arms and covered their eyes, Hamilton said. According to the police report two others were shackled with tape in Higgins’ room.

A check card and $300 in cash were taken from the victims, Officer Penny Bowles, a Bowling Green police spokeswoman, told the Herald last semester.

The two intruders left, and Hamilton broke free from the tape and dialed 911.

Police were able to obtain the names of the suspects from witnesses. All four women were arrested in Moore’s Poland room.

Hite gave the police permission to search her green Jeep Cherokee. In it they found a shot gun, stun gun and roll of duct tape.

Hite and Moore’s parents withdrew the two women from classes shortly after their arrests, said Howard Bailey, Dean of Student Life.

“No disciplinary action was taken based on the fact that they withdrew from school,” Bailey said.

Hite was charged by campus police Oct. 6 for receiving stolen property under $300.

“I’d like to see these girls get a decent amount of (jail) time,” Hamilton said. “I don’t want them to go to jail forever or anything, but at the same time I don’t want them to think they can do the same thing to someone else.”

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