“Martin Luther” King: Neither Saint nor Hero

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Every year about this time the media nationwide ,the Herald obviously being no exception,goes into a period of remembrance and honoring of,bordering on outright worship,the man known as “Martin Luther King jr”. King has a Federal holiday set aside for him,an honor shared by no other American, not even the founder of the country George Washington himself. The first president of this country has been relegated to the vague “President’s day”. MLK never held public office of any kind yet has his own holiday, why is this? All the propaganda and hype surrounding this media and academic darling paints a very fuzzy,rosy picture,but the truth about King is anything but.

Although now a catch phrase,”Martin Luther” King Jr never officially held that appellation. His father, a black preacher known as Daddy King,was supposedly inspired to name himself and his son Michael after the great German Martin Luther. Apparently the name change was never legalized in court,so “Martin Luther King jr” would be more accurately referred to as Michael King. King is also known as “Dr MLK jr” but according to a book entitled “Holiday for a Cheater” by Michael Hoffman, King was a notorious plagiarizer in his sermons and papers, even in his doctoral dissertation.In this dissertation titled “A Comparison of the Conceptions of God in the Thinking of Paul Tillerich and Henry Nelson” he plagiarized over 50 complete sentences from the PhD dissertation of Dr Jack Boozer “The Place of Reason in Paul Tillerich’s Concept of God.” The editors of “The Martin Luther King Jr Papers” state that ” ..the failure of King’s teachers to notice his pattern of TEXTUAL APPROPRIATION is somewhat remarkable”. Why did King’s professors bestow a PhD on him despite the blatant cheating, even on his doctoral dissertation? For the sake of truthfulness and accuracy, then, “Dr Martin Luther” should be removed from King’s name.

Although widely touted as “a man of peace” and a true American hero, King’s track record seems to suggest otherwise. Many of King’s handlers,associates and advisors such as Bayard Rustin, Stanley Levison,Jack O’Dell,and David Garrow were avowed communists or communist sympathizers. According to Garrow, King’s biographer: “King privately described himself as a Marxist.”In 1967 Michael Lasky, chairman of the US Communist party said:”King knows what’s going on. He is allowing himself to be utilized by the Communist Party… King willingly enters into an alliance with the Communist Party… Mr. King receives support from organizations and individuals that are tied to the Communist Party. He knows what is happening, and so does James Bevel.” Although King advocated “non violence” it seems that violence followed him and his speeches and marches, usually in the form of black rioting.King himself said “A riot is the language of the unheard”. A black communist named Robert Williams wrote a book entitled “Negroes with Guns” which advocated violence against white Americans by blacks. Guess who wrote the forward of this literary gem: the “non-violent” ” Dr. Martin Luther” King jr. Non-violent indeed. Seek your inspiration elsewhere Iraq peace-niks. It seems King should by rights be a hero only to leftist Marxist fanatics and black racists.

Though portrayed as a moral paragon,it seems Michael King was anything but such. The FBI conducted extensive surveillance because of his communist associations,and became acquainted with his private behavior in the process. According to Assistant FBI director William Sullivan, King used SCLC money to fund his penchant for prostitutes. According to the January 19,1998 issue of Newsweek,pg 62,describing King’s nightly activities “That night King retired to his room at the Willard Hotel. There FBI bugs reportedly picked up 14 hours of party chatter, the clinking of glasses and the sounds of illicit sex–including King’s cries of “I’m f–ng for God” and “I’m not a Negro tonight!” The “National Civil Rights Museum” in Memphis has a reconstruction of the hotel room where King stayed the night before he was shot. For some strange reason the occupants of the room are in no way described or depicted because according to designer of the exhibit Gerard Eisterhold that would be “close to blasphemy”. What is the venerable institution hiding? The fact that King spent his last night alive having relations with 2 white prostitutes and beating a third, which was most likely funded by his SCLC’s money,perhaps? King’s own friend Ralph Abernathy in his book “And the Walls Came Tumbling Down” even alluded to King’s chronic lechery.

Michael King’s FBI surveillance files have been sealed away from public access until 2027.What is in these files that cannot bear the light of day? What I mentioned in this letter is just the tip of the iceberg, to be sure. Does a man such as Michael King, a cheater,possible Communist traitor,and degenerate adulterer deserve a holiday in his honor? The answer to that should be by now quite obvious. The more fundamental question is why the politicians voted to pass the holiday in the first place, knowing full well of the FBI files,and why the media is so strident in advocating the holiday, the man, and his “message”. Why the lies? For more information in this matter see www.martinlutherking.org which is where I obtained the bulk of my information.

Zak Cummins Fredonia, KY junior


TO THE HERALD: I am quite aware that this letter does not support your stated positions nor agenda. In the interest of truth and journalistic integrity (should you all choose to acknowledge such inconveniences),however, I challenge you to print the letter UNALTERED in its entirety.Let the readers decide as to the veracity of my letter,not your editorial sensibilities. If space should be a “constraint”,perhaps you all might print the letter in as many installments as should prove necessary in subsequent editions of the paper.