Printing of Ringger Comments Very Inappropriate

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Dear Editor-

I just wanted to pass along my displeasure towards the article written in Tuesday’s Herald by sportswriter Michael Casagrande for many reasons:

1) When someone says “Please don’t print that” or “I would rather not comment” this means: Back Off!

2) Travis Hudson & The Lady Tops are coming off an awesome year and he is trying to stir the pot and start rumors that players might be unhappy.

3) I understand he might’ve been the first news source to print/publish/release the news about Blotch transferring to Western, but who is considered your competition, the WKYU newscast? They don’t even start anything for at least another two weeks.

4) To Casagrande: She’s a lady…have some respect man, didn’t your mother teach you anything?

I realize that some of my comments might be a little harsh, but lets think about the integrity of these young ladies, not to mention Coach Hudson & his staff. I don’t think Coach Hudson wants to be known as a coach that brings in transfers to make other people leave, and because he printed Ringger’s comments that were off the record, he has made people think this about Hudson and his staff. He is trying to make this a better team, and he will do anything it takes to win another Sun Belt Title in 2003.

Thank You and Go Tops!-

Greg Petersen

Bowling Green Sophomore