A false Ph.D. gets rewarded at WKU.

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A fasle Ph.D. from Kennedy-Western University (http://www.kw.edu) was presented by Joel Lenoir of the Department of Engineering. The false Ph.D. was covered up by the Department Head, John Russell. Stacy Wilson uncovered that as she served on the Ogden College Awards Committee, and informed Rod Handy and John Darnell, who informed the Dean. As such, both were threatened by John Russell. Additionally, John Russell managed to persecute John Darnell by denying him entry into the Engineering Program. John Darnell later informed the President in his letter of October 12, 2001.

Isn’t it a shame that the person who committed fraud and presented a false Ph.D. stays in the Engineering Program and the person who informs about that gets kicked out, that happening with the knowledge of the Dean, Provost, and President?

George J. Wakileh, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering