Soda Society: New cola deal sweet for Western, Pepsi

Pepsi claimed the next generation on the Hill after recently signing a 10-year contract with Western. In return for a customer base that now numbers more than 17,000 students, staff and faculty, Pepsi will offer a number of incentives to Western.

•57 percent of the money from each Pepsi product sold from on-campus vending machines goes back to Western.

•Western received $360,000 from the sale of Pepsi from vending machines in 2002.

•$83,000 of that total profit went to Housing and Residence Life for in-hall programs. The majority of Pepsi vending machines at Western are located in dorms.

•$277,000 of the $360,000 was used to pay the mortgage on Downing University Center, run the ID Center and was used to fund other student activities.

•Pepsi gives $10,000 per year to Western for student scholarships.

•Students consume 40,000 cases of Pepsi per year. That is equal to 960,000 Pepsi products and 54 Pepsis per student, per year.

–Beth Sewell

SOURCE: WKU Dining Services and Pepsi