Learn how to respond!

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I am writing this letter in response to the letter that was written on Tuesday November 26, “Fraternities at Western are useless.” This letter was written by my roommate Nathan Smith, and it is about how he thinks fraternities are basically just drinking clubs.

I am an active member of Phi Delta Theta fraternity and I was in no way offended by Nathan’s letter. Nathan did say some things that I don’t agree with like “Fraternities at Western are useless. They are nothing more than drinking clubs. They hold parties, trash campus and make the moral-minded sick to our stomachs.” I do not agree with one word of this quote. However, I do agree with what he said about fraternities not caring much about philanthropic events.

Now to the point of my letter, LEARN HOW TO RESPOND. All Monday night I listened to Nathan receive numerous harassing phone calls. It was very annoying. My roommate already has a bad view of Greek organizations, you all know that. So why do you all think that by calling him, and using obscene language, you are going to change his mind? Upon hearing some of the things that were said to him I lost much confidence in human intelligence. Nathan expressed his right to free speech and you all should too by writing another letter to the Herald, not by harassing him. The thing that tops it all off is that about 90% of the phone calls received were from female callers. If I recall correctly the letter was entitled “FRATERNITIES at Western are useless.” In his letter he only uses the word sorority once and it was in no way diminutive. So please use your right of free speech in the right way.

Kurt Maynard

Franklin Freshman