Letter to the editor

Designate parking areas

Alright, enough is enough. I am going to complain about a parking ticket. Yes, I know if you are actually reading this you’re wondering, “I have three tickets and I’m not complaining, so why are you?”

Well, my fellow scholars, the reason I am complaining is because I got a ticket for leaving my car in a “non-designated space” for about ten minutes while I ran into Northeast Hall to change clothes and get my books.

The “non-designated space” is on Normal Drive in front of the Chi Omega house. Yes, you’re right, the little drop off, ten minute parking area.

If I am going to get a ticket for being in a “non-designated space” then maybe the university needs to designate it. It’s not my fault that Western has not put up a 10-minute parking sign, a no parking anytime sign or any other sign this university would like to put there.

As far as I knew, I thought the drop off area in front of the Chi Omega house was a ten-minute parking spot.

So, I guess I will walk over to the police department tomorrow (I don’t want to risk another ticket in a “non-designated space”) and TRY to dispute it. It probably won’t work because I am sure they need the extra $20 to purchase more gravel for parking spots, or hey, maybe I’ll be paying for the signs to designate the “non-designated space.”

No, I am not bashing the police. My dad is an officer of the law. I’m just saying don’t write us (fellow scholars and I) a ticket for a “non-designated space” when it’s not our fault it has not been designated.

Daniel Gammon

sophomore from Murfreesboro,Tenn.