Letters to the editor

More tution deadline notice needed

Last Friday, it seemed Western found a revolutionary way to solve its overpopulation problem. An e-mail from the Billings and Receivables office was sent out, announcing that spring payments are due by Dec. 3. I was certainly surprised when I opened the e-mail, and when I called the office to make sure it was not a mistake, I was told that it was a new policy established because complaints had been received that the office was not open over Winter Break to address questions and receive payments. When I asked if this was the first announcement of the policy, I was told it was also listed in the schedule bulletin. I might add this “notice” is mentioned in small print on a schedule in the front and can easily be missed. Otherwise, this was the first notice I had received, and it was sent out less than three weeks before the payments’ due date. Furthermore, the person in the office to whom I spoke said the staff was not informed about the policy until the end of September. Whether it is the students or the parents who foot the bill, more notice is needed. This new policy leaves less time for bill payers to come up with the money needed, because not everyone is prepared to cover the payments when the university arbitrarily sees fit to effectively announce a changed due date at the last minute. Last semester, payment was not due until after winter break, and the bottom line is that this extra one to two months makes a big difference – the difference between whether a student will be able to have enough money to pay the bill on time and return to campus next semester or not. Next time, Western, let us know a little earlier, or for some of us, there might not be a next time at Western.

Kate Dittmeier

sophomore from Jeffersonville, Ind.

Want Change? Join CAB

The following are a list of available venues and their seating capacities.

These are venues that Campus Activities Board has used in the past.

DUC Theater-750

Van Meter-Just under 1000

Diddle Arena-Cannot Use Until Renovation Is Completed

Garrett Ballroom-1240


South Lawn-N/A

L.T.Smith-Cannot Use At All

Grise Hall-Tate Page Auditoriums-N/A (Small)

Ag Center-N/A-Impossible To Obtain Because Of Its Scheduling Procedures

These venues are secured on a first-come, first-served basis. Trying to match a particular entertainer with a particular date in a specific venue is tremendously difficult.

CAB has a standing commitment to provide diverse programs for all of our students, faculty and staff. If you don’t like the programs that our CAB student committees bring, don’t complain about it. GET INVOLVED (It’s easy), and help us make whatever changes we need to.

Bennie Beach, Jr.

Program Coordinator University Centers

Advisor to CAB