Open the door: Domino’s won Big Red contract fairly

Get the door, and grab your Big Red Card.

It’s Domino’s.

The pizza chain out hustled competitor’s like Papa John’s and Pizza Hut to be awarded a contract with Western to allow pizza munchers to enjoy hot pizza and pay for it with their Big Red Card.

The contract is a first with Western.

And Domino’s should be commended.

When Western announced their plans to allow Big Red payment, Domino’s came ready to play.

Western made requirements for the company, and Domino’s came forward with the best offer.

Their experience with other universities, no doubt helped them prepare to get this deal.

They’ll drive marked vehicles, provide employees with additional insurance policies and workers will use their own ID card when entering the building.

Domino’s will also periodically turn in receipts so the ID center can cross reference signatures to make sure no one is using someone else’s Big Red Card.

It’s an attractive deal for both sides. Western gets to appease students, and Domino’s get an exclusive deal.

But for the companies that didn’t go for the contract aggressively, they lost out on a major deal.

Domino’s wasn’t even listed as the students favorite pizza choice, but they still received the contract. Papa John’s, the students number one choice, was left in the cold.

Students routinely scour their floors for enough change to buy pizza at night. With the Big Red Card contract, they won’t have to search any more. They’ll just have to get their pizza from one provider — Domino’s.

Domino’s as a company has had experience getting contracts like these with other universities.

Other pizza makers should count this as a learning experience.

So you didn’t get the contract this time. Learn from Domino’s plan. Surely this contract will come up again in a few years.

Be competitive and aggressive.

And for Domino’s, congratulations.

We’ll see you at our door.

This editorial represents the majority opinion of the Herald’s 10-member board of student editors.