CRU helps form friendships

Megan Engle

Imagine a room full of energized and excited students ready to worship and praise, all forming a common bond with the same interest.

Some students may be dancing to music, some may be closing their eyes in the peaceful bliss, some may be raising their hands towards the heavens.

Campus Crusade for Christ is this and more.

“We are an organization that is a movement of college students that are committed to the trust of Jesus Christ and the hope that He brings to college students,” Weakly said.

Many students in this organization are involved in the different campus ministries that Campus Crusade for Christ has to offer.

Merideth Hullett, is one such student. She is a fifth year senior from Clarksville, Tenn., and has been involved in Campus Crusade for Christ since her freshman year.

During high school Hullett was actively involved with a youth group at her church and feared that when she arrived in college – with its much larger atmosphere – she would lose contact with everything she had learned, from her relationship with God to her close Christian relationships.

“I decided to go by myself to CRU and check it out, and it turned out to be exactly what I was looking for, but ten times better,” Hullett said.

Hullett leads one of the group bible studies and meets with about 14 girls every two weeks, and said that she wants to give everything that she’s learned about God to these girls, as well as to anyone else she may encounter.

Weakly said students are drawn towards Campus Crusade for Christ for numerous reasons.

“Students create or are looking for real authentic relationships, but the hope that Jesus Christ presents, draws people towards Him,” Weakly said, “and I hope and think that this is the real reason that brings students.”

“There’s a desire in every college student to be fulfilled. We all need friendships and bonds, and this is a group of believers that challenge and encourage each other,” Hullett explained.

The organization is non-denominational and open to everyone. It offers a number of different activities. One activity that brings over 150 students every night is CRU, a weekly meeting comprised of worship, fellowship, and biblical lessons.

“CRU is only a small portion of what else Campus Crusade for Christ has to offer,” Campus Director Thomas Weakly explained, “it’s like seeing the face of someone for the first time, but knowing there’s much more.

Besides CRU, Campus Crusade for Christ also offers weekly prayer and worship , bible studies, social events and conferences.