Name Change

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You should change the masthead of The Herald to The Freely Provided Advertising Voice of the WKU Athletic Department that Serves an Entire 1% of Students. Then students would at least have some truth-in-advertising.

How funny, even hypocritical, that your own tiny, 1/8th page whine on the AD taking more parking spaces paled in comparison to the 12 glorious pages devoted to athletics. The shameless ego worship of irresponsible athletic directors that deserve firing and their programs with higher budgets than academic colleges really made me feel good about my education here! WKU’s AD has never been held accountable to stay within its budgets–at the expense of educational departments that have been. Last time I checked, every student was at this public school to get an education, not to fund the unrelated, money-losing, private business empire of the athletic director. Make no mistake, athletics takes a lot, but gives nothing to students. (Even the scholarships they award are based upon taking money from other students and/or diverting it from academic scholarships).

Once again, I have to give it to the reporters that are athletic freaks–they have beaten everyone else into an intellectual stupor. By page-count athletics is by far the most important thing to The Herald editor. You should just start charging the AD for the service–after all, they just got a 770% budget increase while the academic departments are limping along–there should be some extra cash for their bigget “ad”vocate on campus.

bob bell


376 Pascoe Blvd #25

Bowling Green, KY 42104

computer science major