Designat the area!

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Alright enough is enough. I am going to complain about a parking ticket, yes i know if you are actually reading this your wondering, i have 3 tickets and im not complaining so why are you? Well my fellow scholars the reason i am complaining is because i got a ticket for leaving my car in a “non designated space” for about 10 minutes while i ran up into northeast hall to change clothes and get my books. The “non designated space” is on Normal Drive in front of the Chi Omega house, yes your right the little drop off/ten minute parking area. If i am going to get a ticket for being in a “non designated space” then maybe the university needs to designate it. Its not my fault that western has not put up a 10 minute parking sign, or a no parking anytime sign, or any other sign this university would like to put there. As far as i knew i thought the little drop off area in front of the Chi Omega house was a 10 minute parking spot. So I guess i will walk over to the Police Dept tomorrow (dont want to risk another ticket in a “non designated space”) and TRY to despute it, but it probably wont work because i am sure they need the extra twenty dollars to purchase more gravel for parking spots, or hey maybe ill be paying for the signs to designate my “non designated space”. No I am not bashing the police, my dads an officer of the law, im just saying dont write us (fellow scholars and i) a ticket for a “non designated space” when its not our fault it has not been designated.

Daniel Gammon

Soph. from Murfreesboro,TN

phone#745 3726