Response to 11/26/02 editorial on Greeks

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I am writing in response to an article written on November 26, 2002 in the Herald about greeks in general and fraternities being bashed! I totally disagree. I myself am in a sorority and believe the greek system here at Western is very important to the campus and raising money for philanthropies. The same night Jim Breuer came to WKU the Chi Omega’s were holding a Stomp show to raise money for their philanthropy, and they raised a lot of money that went to the Make A Wish Foundation. Even though Van Meter was not full and could have held more people then DUC for the Breuer show there is no need to blame greeks and critisize them because not everyone could get into the show. What went on in Van Meter that night was for a good cause, one more important than just being entertained. As far as the sterotyping of fraternities goes I don’t agree with that either. Sure you’re going to find some greeks that are only out to party and have a good time, but there are those of us in fraternities and sororities that are here to help and make a difference.