Rape reported in Meredith Hall

Joe Lord

A female student reported being raped early Saturday morning in Meredith Hall.

Campus police Capt. Eugene Hoofer said the reported incident was date rape, and campus police have identified the male who allegedly committed the offense.

“We know who the person was,” Hoofer said. He did not know if the suspect was a student.

The female student has told campus police she will not press charges, Hoofer said, and police have closed their investigation.

The female student would not comment about the incident yesterday. The Herald does not publish the names of reported rape victims.

The alleged rape was reported to campus police by Ingrid Woods, assistant director of the Academic Advising Center, at about 5 a.m. Saturday, according to a campus police report. The female student was taken to the Medical Center.

Howard Bailey, dean of Student Life, said that despite the victim’s denial to press charges, the university will continue investigating the reported rape to determine if there was a violation of university policy.

“That doesn’t keep the university from pursuing it,” he said.

Bailey said his office was gathering statements yesterday, but he hadn’t yet reviewed them.

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