Crime Reports


•Tyrone S. Mareko, Poland Hall, was charged Sunday with alcohol intoxication. He was released the same day from Warren County Regional Jail on time served.


•Roger Scott, Physics and Astronomy, reported Oct. 28 a plate glass window worth $600 broken at Hardin Planetarium.

•Eli D. Roberson, Rodes-Harlin Hall, reported Thursday someone dropped a burning newspaper from Old Fort Bridge onto him and Amy J. Messamore and Elizabeth M. Dickerson, both of Rodes.

•Adam M. Swann, Keen Hall, reported Thursday a parking permit worth $65 stolen from his 1994 Dodge Ram parked in the Service Supply lot.

•Aurelia R. Spaulding, West 14th Street, reported Tuesday being struck by the side of a truck while on Virginia-Garrett Avenue.

•A fire alarm was activated Tuesday in Gilbert Hall. Burnt food was found in the first floor kitchen.

•Jessica L. Fleenor, West Villa Drive, reported Tuesday that a suspicious person near Center Street lot asked her if she needed a ride.

•Brian J. Davidson, Reef Road, reported Monday a parking permit worth $65 stolen from his 1989 Jeep Wrangler parked in Diddle lot.

•Heather Dykes, Keen director, reported Saturday broken ceiling tiles and burnt paper in Poland Hall. Building damage totaled $31.

•Alice Cannon, bookstore cashier, reported $50 missing from the South Campus bookstore.

•Dana Lockhart, Pearce-Ford Tower, reported Friday a male subject made several sexual comments to him in the lobby of PFT.