Student Apathy

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Dear Editors;

I have spent many years on campus. And throughout those years I have noticed that all Western students have one thing in common-They ALL like to complain about Western. They complain about everything: the parking, the food, the safety, the lousy entertainment, and MOST IMPORTANTLY they complain about not being HEARD. My advice is this if you want to complain and you want to be heard go to the SGA forums while they’re still there. I lived through several student governments, and most of them didn’t care what students thought. And we never had any kind of forum to let the government know what we wanted done or what was bothering us. But this year’s SGA is different. They want to hear you complain about issues like campus safety, the lousy food, and the parking so that they know what your mad about. I know you not everyone can make it to every forum the SGA holds but you can still make your voice heard by sending an e-mail to the SGA. Let them know what is bothering you, and maybe we wont have as much to complain about.

John Baize