Elections critical, help should be commended

Western students, faculty and staff live in a democracy where every vote counts. The more they participate in elections, the more active they are in our democracy.

And they just might be helping Western in the end. That’s just fine with us.

Many Western folks helped out with this year’s election long before last Tuesday rolled around. They planned. They campaigned.

Four Western professors placed their name on the ballot for city commissioner. One, Alan W. Palmer, won.

Government department head Saundra Ardrey directed campaign strategy for incumbent Dan Hall.

The College Republicans helped Mike Buchanon win the Warren County Judge-Executive seat. They also helped elect Cedric Burnam, Warren County’s first black magistrate.

The College Democrats helped their party retain three seats on the fiscal court and win their races for sheriff, jailer and county clerk.

Then, there are the Westerners who made it out to the polls to vote.

Some students voted in Bowling Green elections while some hiked back to their hometowns to cast a ballot.

From senate races to sheriff races, elections are crucial.

It’s important for everyone at Western to realize just how pivotal they are. Every vote counts.

Kudos to the people who helped out.

It’s refreshing to see that people care about their community and even sacrifice their time to help the process.

There’s a strong connection between Western and Bowling Green.

The two count on each other to get things done. The Diddle renovation wouldn’t be underway without help from the city.

It’s important to keep these ties strong.

Having influence in the city is important for a university.

Good luck to the new officials. We trust we’re in good hands.

This editorial represents the majority opinion of the Herald’s 10-member board of student editors.