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As chritmas comes and another years ends we would only hope that the new year would bring a new senate that is not filled wih lies to the american people and our veterans, when it came tme for giving the disabled veterans their retirement pay, that they seved twenty years [20 years] to earn you mitch mcconnel bowed to the president and voted by voice vote to leave concurrent receipt out of the defense bill, the senated voted by voice vote so later they can claim they voted different, do you really think all veterans are stupid. you must immediatly introudce a bill by itself to give the disabled veterans their retirement pay they served 20 years to earn. lets see where you really stand, do not send me a form letter saying how you support the veterans and how you stand behind concurrent receipt we want to see some action from you. we see you voted to receive your 4700 dollar pay raise, let’s see that’s 18,000.00 thousand dollars in pay raises for the senate and 200,000.00 in raises for the president since 1999. no wonder the goverment can’t aford to pay the disabled veterans what they are due. we are waiting to hear from you.

raymond adkins

hc 88 box 111

harned ky 40144

retired disabled veteran

270 756 5537