Lay off the Administration

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Dear Editor:

I have seen at least a dozen letters and articles slamming the administration for one reason or another: parking, construction, enrollment, and so forth over the semester. Most of these complaints seem to be by students who have no idea what it’s like to be in administration, let alone the true workings of the finances, legalities and frustrations of administrative work.

I applaud the administration for the construction projects. It’s a bit of an extra walk to get around, but quite frankly, Western’s administration has beaten out a lot of other administrational organizations I have seen in my life by actually taking action. If it were most administrations, the board would still be squabbling over when to do construction, where the money should come from, or delaying it another ten years because of some flimsy excuse. Western’s administration actually did something. They’re using money to conform to ADA standards. They’re improving the campus and dorms to make life easier for us–and all we do is complain, as usual. Then we go home on the weekends and don’t do anything about it, and complain about student life. Get a life, students. Actually care about your education, your life, and how Western affects you, instead of whining when things don’t go your way because you didn’t do anything about it.

Joshua Woleben

507 Rodes Harlin


Paducah, Ky