Ransdell’s toppled

Joe Lord

Topper is one unlucky dog.

His owner, President Gary Ransdell, lost an arm wrestling challenge from Herald SuperPicks columnist Hollan Holm last night in front of about 100 students in Downing University Center.

“I really don’t want to go home and face Topper,” Ransdell said.

Ransdell wagered his prime parking spot on top of the Hill for a week in exchange for Holm’s promise to walk Western’s first dog.

Bowling Green sophomore Danny Champlin sat in DUC lobby before the match began. He said he’d seen fliers around campus but wasn’t aware of the arm wrestling challenge. He thought it was a debate.

“I think a debate would be more interesting,” Champlin said.

But it was arm wrestling. As Holm stood under the television lights between DUC’s spiraling stairs, Ransdell strolled in with a sling on his wrestling arm and a friend – Nigel Dixon, the 6-foot-11, 350-pound men’s basketball player.

Not even “Big Jelly” could intimidate Holm.

Big Red, as referee, began the match.

Holm struggled at first, but not enough to open the door for Ransdell. The president’s hand hit the circular table.

But just as Holm and the crowd began celebrating, Big Red declared the first match a warm-up.

They arm wrestled again. A tug on the Ransdell side came from Big Red, but Holm pushed back.

It was over. Holm won.

Ransdell was disappointed.

“I want to win everything I attempt,” he said. “I got serious about it, for 15 seconds.”

Holm said it was time for a celebration.

“I’m off my training diet,” he said. “Instead of salad and cheese fries, I’m going to get cheese fries and cheese fries.”