Sunshine Express explores what true American dream is

Cassie Riley

Students filled the Russell Miller Theater Thursday night to watch local improv group The Sunshine Express perform their comedic sketch “The American Dream.

The four-member group covered several serious subjects, ranging from war to work to human tendencies and desires.

Subjects not-so-serious included Shakespeare in the work place and a version of the popular song “Summer Loving” (from “Grease,” but sung to the tune of “The Battle of the Alamo”).

Now, according to The Sunshine Express, what’s the American dream?

“It’s not about what you deserve. It’s about what you can get away with,” group member Jason Meares, as the Fairy of American Dreams in one skit, said to fellow member Frank Muller.

“Some stuff we just thought up tonight,” member Gabe McKinney said.

Three such scenes were performed by McKinney, Muller and Justin Dobry.

The Sunshine Express was born last December when the four decided to form their own group. They gave their first performance together last March.

Beisdes the usual schedule of shows, the group did something different last August when it broke the world record for longest improvisational performance by acting for 28 hours straight.

“If I’m going to put my time into something, I may as well go all the way,” Dobring said.

Members of the group said they were surprised by the large number of people who came to the fine arts center Thursday.

“It blew me away,” McKinney said. “I didn’t expect that at all.”