SGA asks Western for day off

Jessica Sasseen

The Student Government Association wants a break.

SGA is petitioning the university for an extra day of rest and relaxation in November.

The organization passed a resolution Tuesday asking Western to declare Election Day a yearly holiday. It will now be sent to the University Calendar Committee for consideration.

The goals of the resolution involve encouraging students, faculty, and nonessential staff to vote on Election Day, said SGA Vice President John Bradley, the author of the resolution.

Classes at Western are not held on presidential election days, but Bradley said all elections, not just those every four years, should be weighed equally.

“The president isn’t the only important person in government,” Bradley said. “Our other elected leaders such as governor and city officials make decisions that can affect us more.”

SGA’s Public Relations committee sponsored the resolution to provide out-of-town students easier access to their hometown voting facilities.

“It provides a way for students to go home and get their votes cast,” PR committee member Abby Lovan said.

To compensate for lost class time, Bradley suggested the extra day could be added at the beginning of the semester.

“It’s interesting to note that the city and Warren County schools all get (Election) day off and probably 90 percent of them can’t vote,” Bradley said.

Provost Barbara Burch said the the Calendar Committee will give the resolution from SGA its just consideration, but questioned whether the measure will meet the approval of members.

“Many, many things are important for students to do as citizens, and certainly voting is one of them,” she said, “However, I don’t know of any reason that I have seen to justify calling off classes for yearly elections.”

Other state universities, including Eastern Kentucky and Murray State, only close offices and suspend classes once every four years.

“We don’t make Election Day a holiday until it’s the presidential election,” said Susan Kendrick, a senior academic adviser from Eastern.

This isn’t the first time SGA has asked the university for time off. In 1991, SGA suggested another calendar change, which was approved.

“The reason for fall break is because the SGA petitioned the University Calendar Committee,” Bradley said.

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