Campus Progressives

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Are you searching for a coordinated effort of progressive ideals? Do you want to improve the quality of life for the students here at WKU? Do you feel that student representative organizations are not representing the students as the best that they should and could? Are you just plain frustrated with the lack of activism that is displayed on campus? Are you trying to prevent yourself from catching the disease of apathy that has reached epidemic proportions on campus?

If so, I invite you to come to the first major meeting of the Progressive Coalition, a new campus organization. Our first major meeting is at 5:00 pm on Thursday in DUC Room 340. If you can’t make it, then try to go to the next meeting next week. As progressives we believe that student representative organizations should actively represent the student body. This is the original progressive ideal, and anyone wishing to actively improve the conditions of WKU should join the PC. I know I want to help the students out, and I intend to be at that meeting. Tell your friends to come, and start caring what’s going on.

Matthew Pava

Bowling Green Junior