Hating in Nappy

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Back Stabbers

I’d like to respond to the criticism and slander that has been directed at Nappy Roots for the past few weeks. There have been plenty of unjust comments spread through the campus like a very distorted game of telephone. Most of these comments have been made from assumptions, bad publicity, and ignorance mostly from the Herald. The same source of media that jumped on the bandwagon in 98, when they anxiously put them on the cover of the paper; acknowledging their accomplishments congratulating them for being signed on to Atlantic Rec.. The very college that is supposed to be Nappy’s main supporters are ready to turn their backs on them at the most trying points in their careers.

The group that you supposed fans know as Nappy Roots have been on tour for a little more than half of a year now, with very little time to spend with loved one’s and ken folk. The time they’ve devoted to their music is incredible; and for you the Herald, and students to turn and scrutinize them now is disgraceful. It’s funny how people love you when you’re hot immediately jumping on the band wagon, while at the same time hating you because they feel they deserve something special; get real this is a business. Nappy doesn’t owe Western, the students, or the Herald anything. Be real now folks, how many of you actually have a Nappy Roots CD that is burnt instead of bought? What makes it so bad is you’re the main ones complaining; and you call yourselves true fans. If they hadn’t sold one million records (no thanks to those of you who didn’t by the CD) would you still be complaining about a concert that was rained out last year? Nappy Roots was looking forward to their performance at their old Kentucky home W.K.U, they even had a special performance intended specifically for us.

But how quickly we tend to hate on and refute those that have so much love for the place where they collaborated and developed into the group they are today. And to those of you that think that Nappy skipped Western on their college tour. There is a spot that was intentionally left open for a particular school that seems to be the biggest hypocrites out there, whom I call the modern day Brutus’s. Those that smile in Nappy’s faces and cheer when they’re here, but stab them in their backs when they are on the road. If that is what you call true fans, then you’re a poor group and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

And even though I don’t agree, Nappy understands the frustrations of all their fans. Yeah even you “HATERS”. They know a lot of you actually did by the CD, remembering those that used to kick it at the old E.T.’s back in the day. As well as those of you that attended every concert that they did before they blew up, they appreciate you dearly and love you all.

But on the honest tip it all revolves around whoever arranges the events at Western. That person or persons needs to contact Nappy’s agent and try to schedule a concert in the near future instead of crying and whining to the wind. Every single college that has contacted Nappy’s agent has been placed on the college tour. They haven’t declined a single college, so all of you that are on the yard complaining, including the Herald. Get some facts before you start stabbing those that you are supposedly fans of in the back.. Brutus’s….

Louisville senior Andre’ R. Brewer Sr.