Letters to the editor

Nash coverage unfair

I am Presley Nash’s grandmother and a long time Western employee. The media blitz that the Herald has produced about the Nash situation has been disgraceful except for the last couple of articles that were somewhat humanistic!

Presley is a very sick little girl at this moment. The newspaper reported that the transplant was a success, but we do not know whether it was or not and will not know for several days/weeks. Many complications are possible . Each day there is a new development in her recovery. . She remains in the hospital now, not receiving outpatient treatment! If you would bother to go to the Web site and read it occasionally, or maybe do a little research before you report things, you would know what is going on in her post-transplant care.

My daughter, Staci Nash, and her husband have not left her side and will not until she is over the crisis. It is absurd to think that they would neglect her in this crucial time to deal with the lawsuit against Western.

Her life-saving treatment was delayed for 5-6 months because of Western and its system. Why should they be in a hurry to leave their sick daughter to deal with a lawsuit they had to file to get the coverage she was supposed to get in the first place?

Your source of information is not totally accurate and has not been from the beginning. I suggest you do a little research instead of taking your source’s word as gospel. For instance, you have never mentioned that her treatment was delayed for 4-5 months because of Western. The only positive thing about your editorial is that Western should prepare for things such as this in the future.

It may be you or your family next year that is confronted with a catastrophic illness, and I hope that you do not also have to endure all of the negative publicity. I again encourage you to investigate a little. Determine what is factual and what is myth. Stop printing incorrect information.

Martha Houchin

Bowling Green

Editor’s note: Information in the Herald’s story “Long-awaited transplant a success for Presley Nash,” that called Nash’s transplant a success and stated that she was in the hospital and would later receive outpatient treatment came from Presley’s father, Brian Nash, and her grandfather, Allen Houchin.