Whiny, Apathetic Students

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The majority of Western students have become like bad politicians: a lot of talk, and no action. People complain about parking and then don’t attend the forum. People whine about racism but only bicker back and forth about it without any sort of resolution, compromise or intended action.

Students here have proved it over and over. They want a good student life, they want their problems solved, but they want someone else to do it for them. For weeks, the racism issue has been bantered in the Herald, but I have yet to see anyone suggest a resolution, a forum for concerns, or even take a stand without insulting someone. The parking issue has been around since the beginning of the semester, and no one has tried to do anything about it. Basically, no one cares. Seems all WKU students care about anymore is partying, complaining, and being lazy.

It’s time to stop being immature and realize what college really is about: education. Educated people care about their community. Educated people remain informed and go to places where they can voice their concerns. Educated people work towards a solution. They don’t whine, bicker, miss class, kill brain cells with every known drug, or drop out of college. It’s all linked: the 40% graduation rate, the lack of solutions, the lack of student life here–it’s a mess of student immaturity. It’s not the administration’s fault, and it is not the faculty’s fault. We have no one to blame but ourselves. Congratulations, WKU students: you’ve proved the old folks right. Young people really don’t care about anything.