AOPi placed on social probation by university

Jessica Sasseen

Western officials notified Alpha Omicron Pi sorority last week that the organization will be placed on social probation until early February for an alcohol violation.

Student Activities director Charley Pride said AOPi cannot host social events during the probation but can participate in homecoming activities.

“Plans have already been made and things have been taken care of,” Pride said. “They are doing a float and the homecoming queen stuff, and they’ve already paid their fees.”

The probation stems from the arrest of three people – an AOPi member, a male student and a male non-student – for alcohol intoxication at the sorority’s new-member dance Sept. 28.

Pride said Western mailed letters to AOPi advisers and the sorority’s national chapter Oct. 15. The letters, he said, outlined the terms of the the probation. Pride also met with with AOPi president Brittney Long to discuss the sorority’s punishment.

“The sanction for them is, they are on social probation until Feb. 7th,” Pride said. “They are still allowed to finish the homecoming events. And during that time, they are required to do at least one non-alcohol function with someone.”

Long said AOPi members are not taking the punishment lightly.

“We learned that when you are a part of an organization such as a sorority, you are held to high standards,” Long said. “When one person fails to meet those standards, it affects the entire group.”

She said because of the probation, the sorority will now begin dances at an earlier hour, and other, stricter provisions will follow.

Long would not comment about the events of Sept. 28.

“That is confidential,” Long said. “It is a closed matter.”

Besides the punishment from Western, AOPi could face further sanctions from its national chapter, Long said.

“Nothing has been set. It is possible for national to get involved,” Long said. “As of now, they have not said anything, but we are feeling the repercussions.”

Representatives from the AOPi national chapter could not be reached for comment.

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