Team Marcus

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First of all, I am a huge athletics fan. I have been to every home basketball game, and almost every away game. I read every article that is published about Western basketball, but I am starting to get a little sick of all the Marcus hype. I know that he has the “potential” to be a great basketball player. I’ve seen him when he had the fire to play and he was awesome. After he hurt his foot, I understand that he slacked off and that he was scared that he might re-injure his foot, and I applaud him for at least trying to play on a broken ankle. I know that he isn’t practicing with the team, except for riding his exercise bike. Come on people, get over this, because this isn’t team Marcus, its the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers. Give credit where credit is due. Our team went out and surpassed anything that we thought they could do without Marcus, and what did you do???? As soon as Marcus came back, you forgot about the rest of the team. No wonder they didn’t play with any heart in the NCAA’s. If you don’t have faith in the team, then I doubt if they’ll ever win a game in the tourney. I still have to say, I do have faith in you Chris, that you will come out with the fire that we all know you have inside of you, and show the NBA, and show Arizona what you really are made of. GO TOPPERS!!!!!