Letters to the editor

Parking always an issue

I know Western has enough parking complaints as it is, but I just wanted to add my name to that list. This is my second year at Western, and although I’ve always grumbled to myself about parking I’ve never had the motivation to actually sit down and compose a letter about it. I have a Zone B parking pass, and just like every other student that has bought a pass, I was given a pamphlet indicating where I can and can’t park. I put this to memory.

Last Tuesday night, my roommate and I were up late cramming for exams. Just to blow off steam, we went into town at 4 a.m. Coming back, we looked and looked and looked for a spot. We checked all seven levels of the parking structure and all the other lots available to our permit. There wasn’t one . spot, NOT ONE! Not even in Egypt! It was about 4:30 a.m. by then and I had an exam in the morning. So just to . raise nine kinds of hell I went to the police department only to find it was closed.

.I’d like to see (President) Gary Ransdell trade me parking permits for a week.

That night, my roommate and I parked at the bottom of College Street and walked up and over the Hill to our dorm. I don’t see why, if we bought a $65 dollar permit like everyone else, we should have to park off campus! It’s more than just ridiculous. It’s absurd. All I can say is that Western needs to, literally, stop digging random holes in the ground and add more levels to the parking structure or find some other way to add parking lots to this campus.

Robert Smith

South Carrollton sophomore

Commentary should be commended

We wish to commend Nathan Metcalf on his commentary of Oct. 17 (Public “seems frighteningly silent” about post- Sept. 11 war.).

We are impressed by his understanding of the issues and his articulate,

compelling presentation of the issues surrounding our efforts to engage in war.

It is refreshing and motivating to know Western has such a compassionate student who is willing to speak up in such a convincing manner with a viewpoint virtually ignored by the media and the general public.

Barbara Kacer, associate education professor

Terrence McCain, assistant education professor