Chain gans logical solution to littering

Cassie Riley

I have the solution to all of Western’s litter problems – chain gangs.

That’s right. We can take all of the students caught littering and form chain gangs to pick up the trash.

The students would have the privilege of wearing orange jumpsuits and carrying a garbage bag in one hand and a pointy stick thingy in the other.

Think about it: what better punishment could there be?

After all, we’re talking about people who eat their Taco Bell or Pizza Hut, stand up and just throw their garbage aside instead of walking three feet to dump it in a garbage can.

They can’t say there aren’t enough garbage cans on campus to hold the trash.

Sure there aren’t as many garbage cans at the top of the hill as there are at the bottom near Downing University Center, but the main problem is the area around DUC.

There’s a trash can at least every 100 feet coming down the Hill and then several in front of DUC.

Yet, there are cups and lids and Chik-Fil-A fry cartons littering the area between DUC and Minton Hall.

Don’t try to tell me that it’s not your fault campus is dirty because maintenance is supposed to be picking up the trash.

News flash, buddy, you shouldn’t be throwing your trash on the ground in the first place.

Now for the cigarette butts: I’m not criticizing the fact that students smoke (although I don’t recommend it).

I’m just saying that it’s not that hard to put the extinguished butts in either a trash can or one of the cigarette butt disposal units.

Western is supposed to be a college, for college students.

The abounding litter makes me wonder if some of us have matured mentally past elementary school.

Here’s a suggestion for those of you who litter: Get up off your butt for once and walk ten feet to put it in a trash can.

It’s about time we got these students under control.

So litterers, take up your shackles, bag and stick. It’s time to join the chain gang.

Cassie Riley is a freshman print journalism major from Owensboro.