Student held at gunpoint in PFT

Joe Lord

Nick North says he feared for his life Wednesday night.

There he was kneeling on the cold gray floor of his dorm room as a man wearing a black mask held a small handgun to the back of his head.

Two of North’s friends – who had come over just minutes before the gunman forced his way into North’s room in Pearce-Ford Tower – were told to face the wall.

“At that point, I thought he was going to shoot me,” said North, a sophomore from Zionsville, Ind.

Campus police are investigating the armed robbery.

Capt. Eugene Hoofer said police do not have any suspects at this time. North described the gunman as a white male, six feet tall and skinny.

North said he was sitting in his 11th floor dorm room around 6:15 p.m. Wednesday when he and his friends heard a knock on the door.

North said he approached to answer, but looked through the door’s peephole first.

He said he saw a figure walking away and, at that point, unlocked the door.

A man rushed in, pushed him onto his roommate’s bed and pointed a gun at North’s chest, North said.

He said the robber ordered him to hand over all of his money.

“I was like, ‘Man, I ain’t got nothin’, I ain’t got nothin’,'” North said.

North, shaking but calm, moved over to his desk. He said he pulled out $150 cash he had been saving to buy a motorcycle, and handed it to the man.

Unsatisfied, the man ordered North to search for more money. North said he looked through his dresser, but eventually convinced the man that he’d given up all the cash he had.

North said he was then ordered on his knees. As he knelt, North said the man tried to draw the window shades.

They wouldn’t come down.

“He thought I was going to be here by myself, he was getting very antsy at the end,” North said. “He was getting very frustrated.”

Finally, the man ordered North and his friends to sit on their hands. After they complied, he ran out.

North then ran to the door and locked it.

“It was the first time I ever had a gun held to my head, especially for 10 minutes,” he said. “That 10 minutes felt like it lasted forever.”

After the robbery, North said he went to the PFT lobby, told desk clerks about the incident and waited for campus police to arrive.

Hoofer said students should watch for suspicious activity, and said such awareness might have prevented this incident.

This is the third report of a gun in a campus dorm this semester.

Hoofer said campus police are also investigating the other incidents that occurred in Poland Hall and Barnes-Campbell Hall and campus police have done regular walk-throughs in select dorms since the end of September.

Since Wednesday’s robbery, North said he doesn’t feel safe in his room. He said he will likely move off campus next semester.

“I know I’d feel safer in a house than in a dorm room,” North said.

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