Few attend dining services forum

Cassie Riley

Few students took the opportunity to voice their opinions at a dining services forum in the Downing University Center Theater Thursday night.

Less than 40 students attended the Student Government Association-sponsored forum to address their concerns to Dining Services director Barry Wells and Building Services Attendant Darrell Green.

SGA heavily advertised the event, and some members were disappointed by attendance.

“We really expected a larger turnout,” said Anna Coats, SGA vice president of Public Relations.

But Coats said the number of students at the forum isn’t all that mattered. She said the suggestions from those who attended are what counts.

“I’d rather have 40 students with complaints and suggestions than 500 with just complaints,” Coats said.

Wells spoke at Thursday’s forum about upcoming dining services improvements, including new furniture and cash registers in the Downing University Center food court.

Patti Johnson, head of SGA’s Public Relations committee, said that while improved surroundings would be welcome, food service needs to be improved as well.

“It would be nice to see the same level put on both,” she said.

Two of the most common complaints were long lines and a lack of variety in menus. Weekend service was another major issue presented to Wells and the other representatives.

“Our weekend population is getting larger,” Wells said. He did say it was possible to have a fourth meal zone for late-night snackers, but zones would only run during the week.

Other suggestions were that Western rotate what restaurants it has open, and have more of them open more often.

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