Nappy should forget past problems, come home

There’s something perfect about being a musician and coming home. You see the people your grew up with and the people who helped make you who you are.

Think Bruce Springsteen and Asbury Park. It’s just right.

But in Bowling Green, things are not so picturesque. Nappy Roots, the guys we watched make it big and hope to see reach Super Stardom, aren’t coming home to the Hill, and maybe never will.

Either Nappy or their management team are still upset about a contract they signed last year with Bowling Green. They were supposed to earn $10,000 for an outside concert at the Corvette Plant in April. The terms said if it rained, they would reschedule the concert.

It rained. Nappy never got their check because the concert never got going. According to their management, playing one-and-a-half songs during a sound check was enough to fulfill the contract.

At the time, their promoters said they wanted to make it back to the Hill.

But now, Nappy Roots and their management say they may not come to Western until the situation with outside concert promoters in Bowling Green is resolved.

It’s really the fans that lose here.

Instead of coming to Western, Nappy’s hitting up almost every other mid-sized college in Kentucky, including Kentucky State, Morehead State and Eastern Kentucky.

But not Western.

We think the band should finish what it started.

It’s a real shame that Nappy Roots, or their management (we’re not sure), can’t put the past behind them and come home.

We’re Nappy Roots’ Asbury Park. And we want you to come home.

Who knows, maybe Big V, Ron Clutch, Scales, R. Prophet, B. Stille and Skinny Deville really want to come home. If your managers are the ones keeping you from coming home, it’s time to stand up to them. Because this little tiff is nothing but pad publicity.

Western should also be reaching out to the band. More students would go to this concert than many others. We’d like to see you find a place to book them no matter what. Rent out a spot. The convention center, a high school, whatever you can get to bring them here.

Sure, they’ve had conflict in the past when they’ve visited Bowling Green, but Western can step in and remedy this problem and smooth over the relationship. We think Nappy and Western can work it out if they both give a little.

And besides, we want them to come home.

It may not be glamorous, but Bowling Green is where you’re roots are. Isn’t that what you’re all about?

This editorial represents the majority opinion of the Herald’s 10-member board of student editors.