Writing celebration held Sunday

Cassie Riley

Lights illuminated the stage, casting two shadows of a man onto the white wall behind him. His dark hair grayed around the edges, but Potter College dean David Lee did not remove the sunglasses from the top of his head.

Lee was the opening speaker Sunday for this year’s annual Jim Wayne Miller Celebration of Writing. The event featured writer Silas House.

After a quick introduction, Lee turned the podium over to House, who read excerpts from his two novels.

“My publicist said to always show the cover,” House said, as he held up a copy of “Clay’s Quilt.”

A resident of Laurel County, House stood before the crowd, dressed in a black jacket and blue shirt. When he spoke, his Eastern Kentucky accent was easily discernible. Other parts of his Appalachia background showed up in his works.

According to House, one of the central themes of “Clay’s Quilt” is the feeling of guilt. He said it is like he’s writing what he called a “guilt trilogy.”

“I was raised Pentecostal,” House joked, “and I know a lot about guilt.”

House was well received by audience members, and after the reading, they made their way to his table in the Garrett Conference Center lobby, where he was selling and signing his novels.

“It was kind of interesting to hear some of his work,” said Bowling Green graduate student Melinda Burch.

The winners of the Jim Wayne Miller fiction writing contest were also announced during the event.

Louisville senior Ryan Clark won first place for his piece, “A Good Night’s Rest.”

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