Was Step Show Overlooked?

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After eagerly flipping through the pages of the Herald on Tuesday, I immediately became upset. Where was the article on the NPHC Homecoming Step Show? I know it could not have been the brief account titled, “Tradition began as serenade.” There were no pictures of any of the 5 organizations represented Saturday night in action. There was no mention of who won. There was nothing! I hope that this does not come off the wrong way, but the story on Tabitha Briggs was not a story on Step Show. It mentioned very few details about Step Show. The story about her is long overdue. It should have been covered a long time ago. In other words, her story and the article covering Step Show should have been two separate articles. I called the Herald and asked would a story actually covering Step Show be placed in the Thursday paper and was told no. Why not? Are we not as important as Shananigans? Did you even ask any of us the time and energy we put into this? It was mentioned that Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. has been practicing since June. That is 4 months of hard work and dedication. Did you ask why it takes so long to put together a Step Show? Do you even know what stepping is? There are a lot of students on campus who do not even know that a Step Show exists and you did not even give an account of what it truly is. You only discussed how it originated on the Hill. Why not discuss the organizations and people who participated? Why not mention how many people attended in support? Why not ask us what it means to step in the name of our respective sororities and fraternities? I am not trying to hate because I enjoyed reading the story about Tabitha and find her an inspiration. She is doing what others would not even attempt because she is brave and has the Light of GOD in her, but when I am told that that was the story covering Step Show, I can only shake my head in what probably should not be disbelief. That’s just how it goes for us.

April White, Hopkinsville Junior