letters to the editor

No genius here

I am writing in response to the “What’s your story” article in Tuesday’s Herald titled “Genius hiding as college student.” The article written by Ms. Sewell was well written but was extremely misleading. The truth is, I am as far from being a “genius” as a person could get. I have to work really hard to maintain a good grade point average, and I have been lucky to have teachers that have been willing to work with me when I encounter difficult assignments.

The reason that I feel Western is no harder than high school is only because my former high school works hard to prepare students for the rigorous requirements of college. The truth is that college can be hard at times, just like any other thing worth anything in life. I just work hard and prioritize my responsibilities so that I can move on to the next level.

Lauren Martin

Greenville sophomore

Column disappointing, incorrect

I enjoy the “What’s Your Story?” column by Beth Sewell. I find it intriguing that Sewell can always find the unique story that every person has, no matter who they are and write about it so well.

Unfortunately, the most recent story, “Martin’s story: Genius hiding as college student” was a big disappointment to me. Unlike Sewell’s other columns, this was not a story unique to Martin. Therefore, it was not only uninteresting but pointless and downright annoying.

I hate to break it to Martin and the Herald staff, but there are many students at Western who came to college having already earned many credit hours, earned a full scholarship, tested out of certain classes, have never made a grade below a B, carry a large and difficult course load and plan to graduate in three years.

It’s called being an excellent student. I don’t think anyone can deny that Martin is that, but to call her a genius is inaccurate.

Did the Herald have access to Martin’s IQ scores which ascertained that Martin is not only above average in intelligence, but indeed a genius? Of course her accomplishments are admirable, but can she really be compared with someone like Einstein?

There are many excellent students on campus. “Martin’s story” was simply a glorified resum? that is nearly identical to many other Western students.

Jennifer Raggard

Louisville freshman

Western limits accessibility for disabled

It’s a lovely Monday afternoon and I just got back from classes. I get into my McLean Hall room, and suddenly, I am drawn to my window by the sounds of jackhammers. This is not because I think construction workers are sexy. It’s because I’m interested in seeing what else can possibly be destroyed on this campus.

The newest disaster area is on the side of Grise Hall facing McLean. The destruction is happening all over the place; I know, but why does it have to be made even more difficult for people to get around? Yes, I am able to walk around it, and it is not the biggest problem in my life, but I’m concerned for those who cannot make it around as easy as me.

I never really thought about it before, but I just want to say kudos to Western for obstructing the accessibility of handicapped students once again. I really hope this is a problem that can be solved quickly.

Lauren Thompson

Brandenburg junior