Student lives at home, by choice

Jenni Osborne

It never fails.

“Are you going home this weekend?” I get asked this question every Thursday, and I can’t help but chuckle to myself.

Actually, I sleep in the comforts of my own bed every single night unless I nod off at the computer.

It’s not that I’m marking my territory to ensure my mom doesn’t turn my room into a study. I still live there full- time, and the situation has yet to bother me even after three weeks of commuting an hour from Adairville (to get there, find the Tennessee border and hang a left at nowhere) four days a week.

I know what you’re thinking, but don’t feel sorry for me. Don’t think I’m making the biggest mistake of my college career, either. After all, if life lessons are all found on the journey, I’ll have a Ph.D. before the end of my freshman year.

Oddly, I don’t mind the trips at all, and when I finally reach my destination there’s always somewhere to park. But I do have concerns why shuttle riders, whether it’s 8 a.m. or almost lunchtime, never say a word to each other. Can all of them be that sleepy?

Several well-meaning classmates have already tried to convince me to move on-campus, offering, in brochure-speak, that it’s a vital part of the college experience.

People find themselves here, living at home. But I know who I am – Reese Witherspoon. No, wait, that’s the fantasy side of my brain talking.

Anyway, I might not always be glad about it, but I know the real me, and I know where I belong.

After all, for me, home has always been more than a place to drop off my laundry, and that’s how it shall remain. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m not a child who clings to her mother in stores. I’m allowed to cross the street alone. I just love my family, friends and pet duck (don’t ask… or do, because I have great pictures) and happen to miss them occasionally, especially during math class.

Yes, I walk among you. I’m the one in the heels, but I don’t party with you, sleep with you or complain about my messy, Celine Dion-blasting roommate with you. So I guess we don’t have that much in common.

The funny thing is, when you’re going on about your parties and your football games, I don’t feel left out. Somehow, I feel relieved that at the end of the day, I can just back away from it all.

Sure, there are certain disadvantages to commuting – things those of you who don’t would never have to think about.

When it rains, you go on your merry, slightly frizzy, way to your dorms and take a nap or catch up on “The Young and the Restless” – assuming you don’t have class… or even assuming you do.

I, of course, don’t have that luxury. It’s not like I can leave stuff in my room either so if you see me lugging my 40-pound book bag, you know why. Trust me, one of my shoulders is heavily campaigning for me to move to Bowling Green after Christmas.

The rest of my body will win out, though, if only for the fact that as a commuter I don’t have a meal plan. Therefore maybe I’ll avoid getting stuck with a freshman’s most dreaded roommate of all – those extra 15 pounds!

So, to answer your perpetual question, yes, I’m going home this weekend.

And honestly, I can’t wait.

Picks of the Weekend

•If you’ve always had the desire to drink a beer in the shower head down to the Cobalt Club, 538 State St., CQ tonight. The bar and dance club is having a “Foam Party” beginning at 9 p.m. For $10 you can dance and drink all that you care to.

•Western senior Mark Melloan CQ is having his CD release concert Saturday at the Hidden River Stage on Main Street CQ in Horse Cave. Joining Melloan is dobro player Curtis Burch CQ whose credits include the “Oh Brother Where Art Thou” sound track. The concert is free.

•Tidball’s is continuing their single-handed attempt to shorten the beer supply with “Penny Beer Night.” After paying a $4 cover patrons can enjoy any of the draft beers from one single shinny, or dull, penny.