Klan and Unity Article Problem

[email protected]

I thought your articles about the Klan and the Unity rallies were fine pieces of work, but I must say that one thing in particular really irked me about them.

It made mention that in the Klan article that at the beginning of the rally day, “heavy metal music was throbbing from a pair of loudspeakers”. Then the Unity article mentioned that gatherers “danced to gospel, jazz, blues, and bluegrass music.”

What these 2 statements seemed to indicate is that if you listen to heavy metal you’re a white supremacist, but if you listen to gospel, jazz, blues, and bluegrass you are a peaceful and enlightened human being. It would not seem this way at all had the statements been in any way relevant to the point of the articles in question.

I want to point all of this out because heavy metal is my favorite genre of music–Metallica, Godsmack, White Zombie, and Nirvana are some of my favorite bands. Yet I am FAR from being a white supremacist; in fact, I’m one of the most liberal and supportive [of civil rights] people you’d ever meet.

Next time, try not to step on any toes and be a bit more objective.