Engine revving not impressive

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You’re walking down Big Red Way on your way to class in the afternoon when a loud roar interrupts your thoughts of “Did I finish my homework for my next class?” Your head turns and careening down Big Red Way is a sports car with an engine reminiscent of a weed-eater. The person inside is paying little or no attention to the people alongside him, and is probably on a cell phone.

If you’re a girl, this probably happens a lot more often to you. The guy gives a nod of “Wassup?” and then revs his engine, screaming off down Big Red Way as loud as his 4 cylinder engine can whine or 8 cylinder engine can thunder. He’s thinking, “Wow, she noticed me and my cool car.” You’re thinking, “Why do guys do that? It’s so annoying!”

Just one of many reasons why people rev their engines: to get attention. Needless to say, it usually works because everyone walking down the street is wondering what big buffoon is passing through now. Not only is it unimpressive, it increases the wear on the engine, tires, and transmission, and for most college students, a car in decent shape is critical. Also, screeching over the speed bumps isn’t cool, and it can throw off your alignment.

Get a clue, drivers: we don’t care how loud your engine is. Just shut up and drive.

Not only that, and most drivers are good about this, is pedestrians. Most of the time a car will let someone walking cross the street and stop to wait for them. But these same engine revvers usually think it’s cool to go 40 mph down Big Red Way and scare pedestrians. Well, it might be fun, but if you actually hit one, it’s going to cost you dearly. You have been warned.

–Joshua Woleben

507 Rodes Harlin