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Hello~ My name is Ashlee Hyde, and I think I have an idea for a story/article for the Herald. Heres the basics of it- My dad and brother (Dennis and Andrew Hyde) just got back last Monday from a month long race around the world for $1 million. The CBS reality TV show “Amazing Race 3” chose them out of 12,000 people to be contestants on their show. The premier of the show is October 2nd at 9:00/8c. You can get a lot more information about them and the show from…


I’m a freshman from Lexington, and I know in Lexington the publicity is already getting big. They have been in the Lexingon Herald-Leader a couple times, Richmond Register newspaper, TV Guide magazine, and two specials on WKYT news about them. I just thought I’d let you guys know, and if you would like to do a story about them or whatever you can give me a call at 745-2042 or e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks so much.