Robbery reported in Poland Hall

Joe Lord

Campus police are investigating an alleged robbery that occurred Sept. 7 in Poland Hall.

Radcliff sophomore Mark Dowell said about seven people were sitting in his sixth-floor dorm room in Poland that Saturday night. Suddenly, a man walked in with a gun and took about $1,000 cash and several cell phones from the group, Dowell said.

According to two police reports filed by officers Lisa Brown and Lee McKinney, $20 cash and a $75 cell phone were taken from Dowell and his roommate, Radcliff freshman Russell Williams.

The reports did not state whether a handgun or any other weapon was used in the robbery.

Capt. Eugene Hoofer said police are investigating the matter and, despite the report, do not know how much money was stolen or how many people were in the room during the robbery.

“We have nobody else telling us they had anything stolen,” he said.

Campus police Det. Jerry Phelps said authorities received a phone call about a man with a gun in Poland, also on Sept. 7. He did not know if the report was linked to the incident in Dowell and Williams’ room.

“They say it happened, and I don’t have any real concrete proof that it didn’t happen,” he said.

Williams said he, Dowell and friends had returned from the Western vs. Kentucky State football game and were shooting dice and playing video games in their room. They had planned to attend a party later in the evening.

“We were shooting dice in our room, and a guy came in with a gun and told everybody to empty our pockets, and he robbed all of us,” Dowell said.

Although the group didn’t want to report the incident, Williams said they told a campus police officer about the robbery that night.

Police are questioning witnesses, but they have not established a suspect in the case, he said.

Although Dowell and Williams said they aren’t interested in pressing charges, Hoofer said police are continuing their investigation.

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