Response to letter on Sept. 17

[email protected]

I would just like to take a minute to enlighten the author of “African-American activists have gone too far,” since it is quite apparent you are lacking in knowledge of the African-American’s plight in the 21st Century.

While we have come along leaps and bounds during the past 400 years, the ignorance you displayed recently shows the slow pace at which a few other people in the world have ambled about.

I mean, we know groups such as the KKK and other white supremacists organizations (if you want to call them organized) are racists. So it was no big shock to see them out last weekend. But what is disheartening is to read the words of people who apparently don’t know the racists attitudes they hold. How can you possibly say that discrimination and racism against blacks is overblown when you have living proof of the need for activism with the Klan holding a rally still in the 21st century? That’s Exhibit A of the ignorance you shown in your article. Now let me proceed on to Exhibit B.

While you are correct in stating the termination of the use of N-word must also be confronted by African-Americans, you are at the same time stereotyping Ms. Shepard by saying that her “favorite vulgar, useless rappers” use the same word. Well, for that I reveal Exhibit B of your ignorance by first stating do you even know Ms. Shepard? Do you even know if she even likes rap music or if she cries when she hears it in the rap music too? Not all African-Americans listen to rap music or agree with its context, a stereotype that I see still thrives in your young mind.

But enough of your ignorance, now let me progress to enlightening you as I initially promised.

As with the issue of slavery, that was indeed practiced worldwide, but not for economic issues as you stated. Tell me something, if that was indeed the case then why not send lower-class white Europeans who were more accessible to transporting to satisfy the need for workers? Don’t worry about dwelling on that because I’ll answer it for you. Blacks were chosen because they were viewed as an inferior race and since they were so “savage” they could adapt to the arduous conditions that are associated with slavery. Well, as you see time has shown that African-Americans are not inferior and equal the intelligence of any race on Earth.

As for the free scholarships and white American studies classes let me inform you on their location. The free scholarships can indeed be found. I would suggest looking it up on the Internet like you tried to do when finding out information about slavery. As for the study classes, it’s called Western Civilization, and guess what it’s required to graduate by the university.

Perhaps you did not know that either but in any case I would like to further enlighten you at a public debate if you can “muster” up enough courage outside of empty statements. You can bring along your friends who feel the same way as you so that we can present our case formally and intellectually. But, try to leave the white sheets at home.

Jeff Stone

Bardstown Junior