News Briefs

Western has record enrollment

Western set another record for enrollment this fall.

According to preliminary figures from Registrar Freida Eggleton’s office, the number of students on the Hill is estimated at 17,770 students.

That number is up by nearly 1,200 students from last year when Western set another record for enrollment with 16,579 students.

Eggleton sent the latest enrollment figures to the Council on Postsecondary Education Monday. Final numbers are due to the CPE by Nov. 1.


Regents meet

Western will pay off some of the state’s debt from the construction of campus buildings, including Potter Hall and Helm-Cravens Library, by allowing Hilliard Lyons, Inc., of Lexington, to refinance the bonds on the buildings.

The debt dates back to 1968.

Acting on a recommendation from President Gary Ransdell, the executive committee moved to accept the bid of Hilliard Lyons at a meeting yesterday.

Hilliard Lyons representative Chris Bowling said Western will save the state $835,915 by the year 2012 by refinancing the bond on the buildings.

“This has more to do with the Commonwealth of Kentucky than Western. It’s more about the state’s debt,” Ransdell said.

Eastern Kentucky is the only other university in the state that is paying off the state’s debts with this type of refinancing, Bowling said.

Adriane Hardin