SGA Bashers

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First of all, let me start off by saying that I’m a congress member in SGA. The College Heights editorial board had an article in the Tuesday September 24 issue about how the SGA doesn’t know where the money is going and that we need to be held accountable. First of all, we know where our money is going, its going for the benefits of our student body. Yes, some money that was already set aside for a gazebo was temporarly missing. This money had no effect on the student body whatsoever. Secondly, we have a spending budget of over 85 thousand dollars that just sits here over the year with no place for it to go. If organizations came up and asked for it and displayed a need then we would give it to them. You have to understand that this money is only for the fiscal year, and if it’s not spent, then it doesn’t roll over to the next year, so the best possible way to spend it was to buy something with it—therefore, buying computers. I don’t see anyone from the Heralds editorial board attending the SGA meetings. Instead of throwing your opinions out in the paper and bashing people, you need to start showing up to the meetings and start voicing your opinions. Until you do that, then everything you whine about in the paper will fall on deaf ears. Calling Jamie Sears a puppet, hmmmm, well you exact people were the ones who voted that puppet in, so I guess if you don’t like the way the show’s run, then put your name on the ballot and see if you can do a better job.