response to responses from Britt article

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Maybe History is Important

Matt Elliott


White House, TN


This is in response to the many responses regarding an article written by Joshua Britt on September 17, 2002.

I do not know Ms. Shepard, but from what I have picked up in this paper, she seems to be a strong, brave woman. I applaud her effort and her actions.

I will begin with the article written by senior Jeff Stone. I agree completely with your views of the KKK. It is an organization that mutated long ago into something that is, at best, comparable to the mold in FAC. I do not agree with your view of slavery as never being an economic issue. As a senior, I would expect more from you. Also, if you really wonder why, “.lower class Europeans who were more accessible to transporting.” were not used for work in America, you must have skipped the chapter about indentured servitude.

Ms. Howard also brought up great points about today’s society in her letter. She asked, “Why should I forget about slavery?” I ask the same question, and then I answer it by saying, never! Egyptian slaves suffered great hardship, along with others throughout history. One of my favorite books is the autobiography of Frederick Douglass. The horrors should be studied and never forgotten. However, I do not agree with affirmative action. I feel equality is superior to Black, White, Hispanic, Asians, or any other race. Reverse discrimination does exist, and it stifles any progress of equality.

History is an important key to unlocking the past, and striving for change in the future.