I have solved the mystery of parking!

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Complain, complain, complain. Thats all I seem to hear people doing about parking at Western. And guess what, thats what I am here to do as well. Yet, I am also here to offer a possible answer.

Many people have suggested taking away freshmen’s right to park on campus. At first I agreed with this idea, until I met some freshmen who work OFF campus. They shouldnt have their jobs put in jepordy — possibly causing the problem of them not being able to pay to go to school.

Hence, I have came up with another idea. This one in my opinion, could possibly be thought of as more feasible by the SGA and by the administration.

Make parking a privilege not a right, if a student doesnt have a certain GPA level they lose their right to have a car on campus. This works as an incentive to keep good grades — good grades, equal car, equal possible good social life to get off campus.

Though some may not like my idea towards what to do, may I offer this; at least I am trying to think of ways to solve the problem.

Amanda Ortega

Junior, New Albany Ind