Letters to the editor

Gamma Sig overlooked

This is written in response to Ms. McLaughlin’s letter, “All greeks do community service.” . It is obvious that you really do not know anything about my organization. If you did, you would know Gamma Sigma Sigma is not a new sorority. We have been in existence since 1952 and have been at Western since 1968.

That being said, why are you getting so defensive about our little article? At no time did we state that social organizations do not perform community service. How can you possibly say the work of social sororities is overlooked when the mud volleyball you spoke of was on the front page of the Herald? How often do you see service groups like Gamma Sig, Circle K or Omega Phi Alpha in the paper – let alone the front page? If anyone is overlooked on this campus, it is us.

You are correct in stating that many groups hold social events to raise money for various organizations, and that’s great. However, we earn almost ALL of our service hours through volunteering our time and work.

I’m not trying to say social groups do not do volunteer work, but I am sure many cannot say they perform AT LEAST one service project every week.

You state that your sisters also perform 15 service hours a semester. 15 hours is just a minimum for us. I don’t suggest you start trying to compare service hours, because we will come out on top.

.Do not think that I have anything against any social organizations. As a matter of fact, since you do so much community service, our chapter would love to collaborate with anyone on a service project.

Chinelle Smith

Radcliff junior

Britt’s letter stereotypical

I found Joshua Britt’s letter “African American Activists have gone too far” (Sept. 17) to be nothing but stereotypical and ignorant. There are plenty of black people who don’t wish the word “nigger” to be used by anyone, let alone their own people.

Many white people seem to think rappers and comedians are the only blacks in America or even that these select few are an accurate representation of the whole. This is understandable, being that most white folks don’t have any personal relationship with a black person. (However, it is interesting to note that the vast majority of rap records are purchased by young whites.)

I have a hard time believing someone such as Colin Powell ever uses that word, but of course you don’t see him with a million dollar recording deal or HBO special.

All black folks aren’t on scholarship. Where’s my scholarship? Don’t I get a scholarship just for being biracial? No. All ethnic groups have scholarship programs, whether they be Italian, Japanese, Polish or Native American. People who have scholarships earn them.

Perhaps Mr. Britt should do some research. Indeed, warring factions would sell off rival tribes to white traders. Does this justify slavery and the immorality that ensued (the breeding and fornication, rape, beatings, murders, and ripping apart of families?) I’m sure Mr. Britt would like us to forget about the slaughter of 6 million Jews in ovens and gas chambers as well. After all, none of us personally took part in it, so why should we care?

It does strike me as strange that he doesn’t feel the Ku Klux Klan has gone too far.

Derek Owsley

junior from South Bend, Ind.

Britt was right

I salute Joshua Britt for taking a stand. To write something of that nature in this day and age takes quite a bit of courage and considerable fortitude.

I believe what Mr. Britt expressed in his letter is a result of the pent-up frustration and alienation that many European-Americans, especially heterosexual males, feel as a result of the myriad forms of reverse discrimination found on television, in the classroom and in the workplace. White Americans are compelled to “tread on egg shells” lest we offend a “minority’s” sensibilities.

At Western, there is an entire DEPARTMENT set aside for the benefit of “minority” students. There are fraternities and sororities solely for black students.

Imagine the immediate recriminations and cries of “racism,” should white students, heaven forbid, ever attempt to take part in, or form a white organization such as the previously mentioned black frats and sororities.

Are wholly black organizations not “racist,” then, by the same principle? “Black pride” is OK, but not white?

. It seems to me that on the rare occasion any black individual or enterprise is criticized, the criticism is frequently labeled “discrimination” or “racism.”

Indeed, it is quite the spectacle how we whites bend over backwards to avoid that most feared of labels, the big R-word.

Celebrate your history, but don’t force it on the rest of us. Slavery was bad, granted. Key word: WAS. It no longer exists here .

With scholarships being awarded on the basis of “skin color,” and whole academic departments and TV channels devoted to you, how can you really look anyone straight in the face and say you are “oppressed” or “discriminated” against?

If anything, “discrimination” exists in your FAVOR. If you want true “equality” as you say, than you should eschew affirmative action, “minority” scholarships and organizations like the NAACP. Stand on your own merit. That is TRUE equality. Everyone is equal under the law of this land. Why the need for more “Civil Rights” activism? Is true equality the goal of such activism, or preferential treatment?

Zak Cummins

Princeton sophomore