Do not compare social and service

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This letter is being written in response to Ms. McLaughlin’s letter, “all greeks do community service.” Ms. McLaughlin, you claim that you think Gamma Sigma Sigma is a great organization that does a lot for the community. I think this statement was made to pacify my sorors and I before you started whining. I say this because it is obvious that you really do not know anything about my organization. If you did, you would know that Gamma Sigma Sigma is not a new sorority. We have been in existence since 1952 and have been on the campus of WKU since 1968. That being said, why are you getting so defensive about our little article? At no time did we state that social organizations do not perform community service. How can you possibly say that the works of social sororities is overlooked when the mud volleyball that you spoke of was on the front page of the paper? Social sororities and fraternities are in the paper all the time. How often do you see service groups such as Gamma Sig, Circle K or Omega Phi Alpha in the paper-let alone the front page? It is a rare thing. If anyone is overlooked on this campus, it is us. We finally get one small article in the paper, and someone has something to say about it!

You are correct in stating that many groups hold social events to raise money for various organizations, and that’s great. However, that is one difference between my organization and many others on campus. We earn almost ALL of our service hours through volunteering our time and work, not just donating money. I’m not trying to say social groups do not do volunteer work, but I am sure many cannot say that they perfom AT LEAST one service project every week.

You state that your sisters also perform 15 service hours a semester. Please understand,that is just a minimum for us. I don’t suggest you start trying to compare service hours, because we will come out on top. I am sorry that you feel the need to defend social sororities, but please do not bring my sorority into it. Do not think that I have anything against any social organizations. As a matter of fact, since you do so much community service, the Beta Sigma chapter of Gamma Sigma Sigma would love to collaborate with anyone on a service project.

Chinelle Smith

Radcliff junior

(270) 783-8983