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Hey professors it’s 8:00. Do you know where your class is? If you’re one of the hundreds of students that commutes there is a good chance your still hunting for a parking spot. Could someone please explain this to me? Why is it, the parking for commuters has been cut in half and the residents increased? I haven’t figured this out. Residents have the parking along the streets near the halls, they have the parking in front of the residence halls, and now hold onto your seats for this one, they have total access to the parking structure.

You know, I have never complained about having to get to school around 7 to get a parking spot in the structure but now I am not even allowed that. Oh sure there are the new parking lots off campus. Why should I have to park in an off campus lot while residence cars are even moved half the time. I can recall last semester when I would come to school every day there were two cars that were in the same parking spots for the entire semester. I mean the VERY same spots.

I think whomever is in charge of setting parking should do a little math. It seems there is 1 spot for every resident at Western while there is only 1 spot for every three commuters. Don’t even get me started on the Diddle Parking lot. Commuters are the only ones that can park there right? PARK WHERE? On the first day of classes my fiance got to school at 6 a.m. to find a spot and they were already full. Why exactly can’t everyone still share both the parking lot and the parking structure?

I’m sorry if my measely $1500 isn’t exactly the same as what the residents pay to stay in the dorms. I realize they are pumping more money in than I am but that doesn’t make them any better than I.

It’s neither the commuters or residents fault that Western decided they had to “update” the lovely Diddle Arena so that the basketball teams could fill like UK or Duke or any other big name school. Exactly how many games have we sold out the last few years? Personally I am here to come to school. I didn’t care much for organized sports in high school and I don’t care for them now. If you want to feel like one of the big name teams go to the big name schools. When has the journalism department or any of the other campus activities gotten the same attention as the basketball and football teams when they make it to the playoffs? Oh I forgot. They got a little article on page 5 to mention it. Gee thanks.

I’m getting punished by losing parking to come to school and get an education because some morons that get to come to school for free want to play sports in a newly renovated gym. I have a shirt to sum up their whining: At what point did I express any interest that I care?

We have good classes here at Western and for the most part everything is fine, but it does seem that Western needs to remember there are just as many of us commuting to school for the right reasons as there are that are living on Campus.

Hope everyone has a good semester. Just remember commuters….if you want to get to class at 8 you have to get to a parking spot by 5. Remember the early bird gets the worm…or in this case the parking.