Story ideas/Paper ideas/not to print

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First off, I love the new size, layout, and color. I just hope it isn’t costing students too much :-).

Below are some things I think would make the journalistic integrity of the Herald increase and would definitely give me more interest in reading it.

I would like to see the Herald do in-depth coverage of the WKU budget every year. You can learn a lot about an organization when you try to figure out how it spends money. The budget is on-line on the WKU website. Printing out the 279 pages plus executive overviews and analyzing them is a treat. For instance, you learn that the athletic department is the top funded department at our “school”. The football team receives more money than almost every degree-granting department such as Computer Science or Nursing!!! Now there is a topic worth exploring when you believe one should “put your money where your mouth is”.

Additionally, it would be nice to have questions posed to the student representatives in SGA, the student rep to the Board of Regents, the administration, and the Board of Regents itself. I usually see a lot of reporting of what someone said, but almost never questions of a controversial nature. Like how is the student rep going to vote on the tuition increase and why? Why are all regent votes unanimous? Why did the University review of athletics a couple of years ago not include the faculty report that was prepared, nor student input? Why does the administration think it makes sense to throw student tuition dollars at the black-hole of NCAA athletics when they simultaneously say they can’t afford to pay our instructors what they deserve? Why doesn’t the school take opinion surveys of students every year and act on the customer’s feedback?

Additionally, the opinions page should have lively opposed opinions on a different topic every week by Herald staffers rather than the “majority opinion”. The supreme court issues majority opinions, but we also get to hear from the dissenting side. How boring just to hear one side of an issue!

thanks for listening and I have an editorial for your letters section on the way.

Bob Bell

Computer Science major

Freshman standing